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Israel Today

The Range Christian Fellowship hosts a monthly seminar for Christians and Jews.

We live in a vital time in history when Israel has celebrated 70 years since 1948 Living in the Promised Land.’ W have also seen America announce to the world that Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel by moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

Alongside this, many Biblical prophecies have come to pass in one generation. (Ezekiel 37: 11-14). There are wars and rumours of wars around the globe. Weather patterns are chaotic, world economies in turmoil.

Israel is at the very center of the Globe; a tiny strip of land, no bigger than York Peninsular, South Australia. She fits six times into Tasmania and eight hundred times into Islamic Territories.

Israel has not been cast away by God. (Romans 11: 1) She and her people are at the very centre of God’s heart. God’s plan is to save His people and to bring the world wide family of Jews  back to the hand. They are in every corner of the globe. (Ezekiel 11: 16-20)

God is awakening the Church to come alongside His chosen people. (Ephesians 2: 11-22) To intercede for them, to love them and support them. Indeed to stand with them at this historical and most dangerous time. The two, church and Israel are grafted together by the Master’s hand. (John 15 and Isaiah 11: 10-12)

It’s a wake up call and Christians and Jews alike. Time and prepare for Messiah’s (Jeshua) return. The Great Awakening is beginning and seen now in Africa in gatherings of over a million people. This, will spread worldwide before the Lord’s return to the Land of Israel, we must all be ready, together.

God is a Covenant keeping God and He has spoken by His Word. His awesome love, mercy and grace are to all peoples but His covenant is with Israel and His church. (Isaiah 62: 1-7)

Be a part of what God is revealing and continually unveiling. Learn more. Join us the third Saturday of each month for fellowship, worship and prayer. Be encouraged in your faith and love for the Land of Israel and its people. Be part of what God is doing on earth and be blessed! Learn and participate in the Feasts of the Lord Jesus (Jeshua). He Himself kept these at the Father’s will. For such a time as this hear the Father’s heart. Meet like hearted people and encourage one another.

9.30am Coffee

10am Start

2.30pm approximately finish

Bring lunch to share please; and your Bible, paper and pen

Biblical Roots & Reflections

The New Testament, written by Jews, tells us of a multitude of stories and prophecies about the Lord Jesus life and death/ resurrection. We read of the promised Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Christ is revealed and He reveals the Father. (Matthew 11: 27) 

The Jewish people faithfully and accurately recorded the Holy Scriptures down through thousands of years for us to have. The Old Testament reveals Christ in all its sixty-six books. There are over 300 Prophecies in the Old Testament of Christ’s birth, life and death. God’s Covenants with His people Israel are also discovered there. This is vital knowledge we all need to understand. God’s heart, purposes, love and mercy. Jesus, Himself quoted many times from the Old Testament, particularly from the Book of Isaiah.

In these sessions, held the first Saturday of each month, 9.30am – 12noon. We teach on Christian heritage from the Old and New Testaments, as God intended. Learn to dig deeply into the great treasures in the Word of God, discovering truths and jewels in the Old and New Testaments. Bring your Bible, paper and pen. Morning Tea provided.

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